2nd Chakra // Svadhisthana // Creativity

Location // Lower Abdomen

Color // Orange

Element // Water

Planets // Mars and Sun

Spiritual Effects // Creativity, Emotional balance, Sexuality, Enthusiasm, Passion, Freedom, Intuition, and Expression of emotions.

Physical Effects // Sexuality, Genital area, Reproductive organs, Pulse rate, Gall bladder, kidney problems, food allergies and eating disorders.

Stones // Orange Jade, Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Fire Agate, Orange Quartz, Orange Rhodochrosite, Orange Garnet, Orange Amber.


  • Dependency, co-dependency with other people, or a substance that grants you easy access to pleasure
  • Being ruled by your emotions
  • Or the opposite: Feeling numb, out of touch with yourself and how you feel
  • Overindulgence in fantasies, sexual obsessions
  • Or the opposite: Lack of sexual desire or satisfaction
  • Feeling stuck in a particular feeling or mood

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